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Supermetrics: Your Gateway to Effortless Data Integration and Insightful Reporting

Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Data

Since its inception in 2013, Supermetrics has revolutionized the way businesses integrate and analyze their marketing data. Originally designed for marketers without technical backgrounds, our tool allows seamless data transfer to applications like Google Sheets, Excel, and Looker Studio. As we've grown, so have our capabilities, now supporting advanced platforms like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake for in-depth analysis and data handling.

Who Can Benefit from Supermetrics?

For Small Businesses and Marketing Agencies: Supermetrics simplifies the reporting process, enabling these teams to pull data from various channels directly into tools they are familiar with. This makes it easier to track performance and make quick, data-driven decisions without needing deep technical knowledge.

For Large Enterprises and Data Engineering Teams: For organizations with more complex data needs, Supermetrics provides robust data consolidation solutions, whether in a centralized data warehouse or through direct API access. These features cater to larger volumes of data and stricter privacy and security demands, often involving data manipulation using SQL.

Features at a Glance:

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interfaces and straightforward processes that require no programming skills.

  • Deep Integration: Over 200 integrations with e-commerce, B2B, advertising, and sales platforms, handling complex data needs.

  • Customizable Data Handling: Configure workflows for automatic updates and manage data with options to edit, customize, and save extraction schemas.

Explore Supermetrics with a Free Trial

We are confident in the value Supermetrics brings to any marketing effort, from small startups to global enterprises. This is why we offer a free trial so you can experience firsthand how our tool can streamline your data workflows and enhance your reporting capabilities.

Ready to Transform Your Data Management Strategy?

With  Supermetrics,  you're not just adopting a tool; you're revolutionizing the way you interact with your data. Join over 17,000 satisfied customers who manage more than 10% of the global ad spend through our platform.

Start your free trial today and step into a world where data-driven decisions are simpler, faster, and more impactful.

Start Your Free Trial Now And Learn More

Supermetrics: Simplifying data transfer, enabling insights, and empowering decisions in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

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