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Welcome to ActiveCampaign: Your Ultimate Solution for Customer Lifecycle Management

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This month only! Get 50% off our Starter plan for your first three months.

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Transform Your Customer Experience

ActiveCampaign offers the ultimate solution for creating winning experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle. By uniquely connecting marketing and sales, our platform helps businesses capture, qualify, and engage leads like never before, driving growth and success.

Our Vision

Serving clients in over 170 countries, ActiveCampaign boasts more than 900 integrations and 11,000 active partners, automating 4 billion experiences weekly. Recognized as the top solution on G2 and TrustRadius, our team of over 800 dedicated members is committed to your success.

Marketing Solutions

ActiveCampaign for Marketing provides an intelligent automation toolkit to drive business growth. Our advanced features enable businesses to personalize customer experiences, segment individuals based on purchasing preferences, behavior, and tags, and send dynamic emails at the right time using AI-powered predictive sending.

- Email Marketing: Send relevant emails at the optimal time with dynamic content.
- Forms: Convert visitors into valuable leads and automate their customer experience.
- Personalization: Use hyper-segmentation for personalized interactions.
- Landing Pages: Create effective landing pages to capture leads and grow your audience.
- Marketing Automation: Choose from hundreds of pre-built automation recipes or create custom ones.
- Site Tracking: Track website visitors to offer precisely what they’re seeking.

Sales Solutions

ActiveCampaign for Sales is an ideal CRM for growing teams, offering unlimited automations, flexibility, and limitless growth potential at an affordable price. Surpass sales goals and achieve new heights with our comprehensive tools.

- Sales Automation: Accelerate sales processes and close bigger deals in less time.
- Inbox Extensions: Manage all sales communications without leaving your email account.
- Sales Engagement: Use rich customer data to automate unique, personalized emails.
- Win Probability: Identify which deals are most likely to close with AI-powered predictions.
- CRM: An automation-powered CRM ensures no deals slip through the cracks.
- Lead Scoring: Qualify more leads quickly without guesswork.

E-commerce Solutions

ActiveCampaign for E-commerce helps businesses generate more sales, build brand loyalty, and automate revenue-driving activities with powerful tools at affordable prices.

- Abandoned Cart: Encourage customers to complete their purchases.
- Ecommerce Dashboard: View data, insights, and recommendations to improve store performance in real-time.
- Product Catalog: Connect your store to the marketing strategy and showcase products customers will love.
- Cross-Sell Campaigns: Promote products based on previous customer purchases.
- Connect Your Store: Integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Square, Stripe, and more.

Free Tools and Templates

Save valuable time with ActiveCampaign’s free tools and templates, including content, CRM, webinar, email templates, and a subject line generator.

- Free Automation Recipes: Get started quickly with over 925 templates.
- Contact Migration Service: Utilize our migrations team to transfer contact data seamlessly.
- Accelerated Onboarding Sessions: Learn how to set up, organize, and navigate your account for a smooth transition.
- Customer Enablement Workshops: Receive training to grow your business, whether new to ActiveCampaign or expanding skills.

Advanced Technology

Leverage Machine Learning with ActiveCampaign to continually learn from customer interactions and adapt their experiences. Stay connected with our mobile app, manage CRM data, and monitor customer activity in real-time.

- Insights & Analytics: Identify opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.
- Unified Data Model: Transform data into a holistic view by combining behaviors, automations, and integrations.

Unlock Your Business Potential

ActiveCampaign offers a powerful platform to transform your operations, enhance marketing and sales strategies, and create unique customer experiences. With ActiveCampaign, your potential for success is limitless.

This month only! Get 50% off our Starter plan for your first three months.

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