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Welcome to SentryPC: Your Ultimate
Monitoring and Control Solution

Image by Carlos Muza

Discover the Power of SentryPC,
developed by Spytech Software, Inc.
Our cutting-edge software seamlessly
combines professional computer
monitoring capabilities with unmatched versatility, catering to the diverse needs of businesses, schools, and parents.
Originally crafted for business
monitoring, SentryPC has evolved into a
robust parental control solution, setting
new standards in the industry.

Evolution and Reputation

Established in 1998 by entrepreneur Nathan Polencheck, Spytech Software introduced
SentryPC in 2001 as "Access Control Software," later rebranded in 2005. Over the years,
SentryPC has earned recognition across various sectors, including businesses, law
enforcement, schools, and parents, owing to its broad user base and its ability to
effectively address diverse monitoring requirements.


Thorough Testing and Evaluation


Our comprehensive evaluation of SentryPC meticulously explores key aspects such as
features, installation, usability, customer support, and overall pricing. Our commitment
is to provide you with an unbiased and thorough review, ensuring you make an
informed decision.

Key Features Overview


SentryPC operates as a cloud-based tool, accessible from any internet-connected device,
enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple PCs. This simplifies device management
for organizations. Robust security features like "idle timeout" and two-factor
authentication enhance overall protection. The software logs comprehensive data,
including sign-ins, installs, password changes, downloads, screenshots, and IP addresses
for accountability.


-Time Management & Scheduling

- Website Filtering

- Screenshot Capturing

- Session Logging

- Activity Reports


Key Features:


Compatibility and Interface


SentryPC is compatible with both Windows and macOS, providing an intuitive interface with
clearly laid-out features. Installation is restricted to computers owned and authorized for

Customer Support

In comparison to competitors, SentryPC stands out with its comprehensive monitoring
features. However, it comes at a higher cost and currently lacks a mobile version. Potential
buyers are encouraged to carefully consider their needs and budget before opting for


Competition and Final Thoughts


Notably, many large enterprises entrust SentryPC to safeguard against data exfiltration.
This showcases the software's relevance and effectiveness in high-security

Sentry PC, a renowned software in the market landscape, stands out for its excellent
qualities without offering a free trial. Given its well-established reputation, we highly
recommend considering a test on a personal basis to fully appreciate its notable

The established presence of Sentry PC in the sector makes it a trusted product, and an
individual test can confirm its great qualities


Take control of your monitoring needs with SentryPC – the ultimate solution for businesses,
schools, and parents. Experience the evolution of monitoring software with us.

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